De salopes todas temos um pouco.

Lalala, Nouvelle Vague ft. Julie Delpy

It always fascinated me how people go from loving you madly to nothing at all, nothing.
It hurts so much.

When I feel someone is going to leave me, I have a tendency to break up first before I get to hear the whole thing.
Here it is.
One more, one less.
Another wasted love story.
I really love this one.
When I think that its over, that I’ll never see him again like this… well yes, I’ll bump into him, we’ll meet our new boyfriend and girlfriend, act as if we had never been together, then we’ll slowly think of each other less and less until we forget each other completely.
Always the same for me.
Break up, break down.
Drunk up, fool around.
Meet one guy, then another, fuck around.
Forget the one and only.
Then after a few months of total emptiness start again to look for true love,
desperately look everywhere and after two years of loneliness meet a new love and swear it is the one, until that one is gone as well.

There’s a moment in life where you can’t recover any more from another break-up.

And even if this person bugs you sixty percent of the time, well you still can’t live without him. And even if he wakes you up every day by sneezing right in your face, well you love his sneezes more than anyone else’s kisses.

Julie Delpy
2 Days in Paris – para rir…dos habituais diálogos banais. em paris, claro. ulálá!

De salopes todas temos um pouco.

Maria JukeBox
2 Dias em Madrid


4 thoughts on “De salopes todas temos um pouco.

  1. Eu cá gosto é do Wall-EeeEEEeeeeEEE e da EvaaAAaaaaAAAaaa…

    O mais complexo que consigo descer é a uma Mónica e um Cebolinha =) ou uma cantiga do Juan Luis Guerra onde no final o aquário de parte e o “peixeeeeee” fica para ali todo torcido, hahahahahaha…


  2. Maria pequena

    Podia bem ser eu…podias bem ser tu…a dizer isto!
    Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

    Beijinhos e até um dia destes… (em que estejamos, depois de um belo jantar, a dizer coisas parecidas às que sairam da boca da julie neste filme :-)).


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